Hello from the other side

Hello Beautiful People!

Let me introduce you to my world of travels & adventures, enjoy!

We all have that story where we fell in love with travelling and plan on accomplishing the whole world with countless of plans, bucket lists, wanderlust and daydreaming. The excitement of travelling is a strange feeling of exhilaration and adrenalin that ends up becoming an addiction. In t, e end the craving for a new adventure becomes an obsession and hence the cycle for travelling will never stops.

Well let me tell you my story, I truly fell in love with travelling at the age of 20 when I was studying abroad in Copenhagen for a year. A year later I have visited 20 countries and over 50 cities/towns and I’m still dying to explore more of Europe. Before moving to Europe, I have travel around my home state in Western Australia, Malaysia, Japan and numerous of times to Thailand. My fascination of travelling was being able to understand the world by learning about the culture or society and how social norms differs from cities to countries or why a place or people are known for their stereotypes. One of the best “assets” I found while being abroad is meeting people from different countries and learning about them through their culture and listening to their perspective from trivia knowledge to current events.

Nevertheless my heart has been scattered around Europe and the word “home” seems slightly confusing. From the culture, history, art, food and the people you meet who becomes your family has been an overwhelming feeling and memories will surely not be forgotten. I feel extremely privileged to have lived a year abroad and it truly has been one of my best experiences. Nevertheless like many people coming back from abroad, it gives you this edge to travel, seek and explore somewhere new. One valuable lesson I have learnt is that your life is shaped by the experiences you have made, so kudos to travelling!

Till next time, -M


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