India! Namaste to Spices, Saree and Cows!

Hello and welcome to India!

Currently, I am in India for 14 weeks doing my internship in “Therapy and Counselling” splitting my time between Bangalore and Goa! My internship is through Leave UR Mark that connects you to several local NGOs which makes an impact on the local communities. I am currently interning at Tamahar in Bangalore. Tamahar is an organisation that provides support and help to children with neurological disorders through a daily routine of academical learning, art therapy, yoga therapy, games and intervention. Tamahar is such a beautiful, strong and close knitted community trying to provide the best learning environment for the children.

Disability Day at work. Received a lovely bookmark made by the children.

Anyway moving on to India or should I say Bangalore! Bangalore is a city where all travellers should come and visit. It has perfect weather, a blend of traditional and modern and it has been nicknamed as a “Garden City of India” and the “Silicon valley of India”. Surprisingly the language barrier has not been much of an issue honestly, I was surprised how common English was used and written here (Bonus!). With any big cities, the traffic and people can get quite crazy but eventually, you adapt to it and the same goes with cows walking along the streets. Cow spotting is a favourite game of mine when I first arrived!

Rickshaw ride and spotting my first cow!

One of my favourites about Bangalore is being able to buy fresh coconut water along the streets and walking through the vibrant colours of fresh fruit and vegetable markets in Malleshwaram. Unexpectedly rickshaw rides can be tremendously FUN but NERVE-RACKING at the same time. In my opinion, it is the best way to see Bangalore as you are in the middle of all the action and you get to observe the daily life of people.


Markets in Malleshwaram

BEST FIND! Found the best chai best in India so far, Central Tiffin Room located on 7th Cross Road in Malleshwaram. Literally being in heaven while sweating in the confined space but it is so worth it!  Check it out if you are in the area! Also between the alleyways of the different cross, you can find some amazing henna, the designs are so elaborate and the details are so precise!



View from my apartment on the 17th floor!



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