Lapland aka Santa Claus Village

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In the spirit of Christmas, I would like to share you one of my favourite winter adventures, Lapland.

Oh Lapland, where the hell are you?! For those of you who don’t know where Lapland is located, it’s up north on the Arctic Circle between Norway, Sweden, and Russia. In other words, it’s where Santa Claus lives and you can visit Santa Claus Village (it is real BTW!).

Visiting Santa Claus Village!

As it was winter Lapland only receives 4 hours of sunlight, between 10am- 2pm and an average of -8 degrees Celsius which was not too bad at the time. Yes, the days are short in this winter wonderland but you can’t help it and fall in love with the cabins which has an indoor sauna. Got to love the Finnish!

The cabins

To be precise we stayed in Levi, Finland which is 1035km away from Helsinki, Finland. As it is one of my first proper times in the snow we were lucky enough to enjoy the winter activities such as huskies rides, reindeer rides, riding on a snowmobile, snowshoeing in the woods and catching the Northern lights which we didn’t see….. (insert sad face).

Chilling by a frozen lake trying to catch the Northern Lights…

The husky rides were on of my favourite activities, the huskies are so energetic and adorable. This was one of the main forms of exercise for the huskies and they were even more excited than us! Nevertheless, you get an amazing view of a snow-covered landscape that stretches for kilometers and you wish the ride will never end.

Trying to contain our excitement


Ironically as it was Christmas time it was also reindeer season aka let’s go and eat Rudolf. While in Lapland a reindeer is must try even though it sounds horrendous but it is one of those must do’s and Rudolf doesn’t taste too bad. Happy Holidays!

Till next time, -M

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