Liechtenstein. What? Where is it? Liechtenstein is a double-landlocked country squeezed between Switzerland and Austria. To be more precise it is between Swiss canton of St. Gallen and the Austrian province of Vorarlberg. Lichtenstein may have a reputation for being a tax heaven but the tiny country is repositioning itself to be a legitimate financial center. With the Rhine Valley in the background and the picturesque mountain slopes surrounding the German speaking microstate, tiny Liechtenstein does have some impressive sceneries to see.

So why Liechtenstein? Honestly, it was a spontaneous day trip when I was visiting my cousin in Constance (Konstanz), Germany. Train hopping and switching and one bus later we arrived in Vaduz the capital of Liechtenstein! Feeling the frosty cold air and the picturesque alps in the background, we started exploring the quiet Vaduz.

View of Vaduz

Three things to do in Vaduz:

#1. Vaduz Castle
Located on a hill 120 meters above Vaduz, the 12 century castle is symbolic of the capital. With the best views of Vaduz, it is worth hiking up towards the castle and seeing the scenery from a distance. However, the castle itself is not open to the public as it is own by the royal family. 

#2. Liechtenstein Center
For a very tourist experience, you can get your passport stamped for 3 francs. Just another stamp for your passport collection!

#3. Main Square
You can spend either minute of hours in the Main Square with a range of cafes, restaurants, boutiques, sculptures and museums to keep yourself entertained.

Overall, Liechtenstein is clean and quite but it is perfect for a day trip or for half a day. Liechtenstein is a place where you don’t think of travelling to but it is a nice change of scenery compared to the hustle of a busy city. German is the official language and Swiss Franc is the currency used.

Till next time, -M

Vaduz Castle


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