South-West Road Trip, Western Australia 

Hello Beautiful People!

“Road trips required a couple of things: a well-balanced diet of caffeine, salt and sugar and an excellent selection of tunes—oh, and directions.” ― Jenn McKinlay

Since coming back from living abroad I try and make a greater effort to rediscover Perth and Western Australia. One of the places I really wanted to visit was Bluff Knoll in the Stirling Range. I was eyeing to hike up Bluff Knoll from the beginning of the year but the timing has never been great when trying to coordinate a road trip with my uni friends. It somewhat worked out in the end with a lot of drama and rescheduling but we made it happened, hooray for tuition free week!

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William Bay National Park

So where did we go?
We started from Perth:
-Valley of the Giants
-William Bay National Park (Green Pool and Elephant Rocks)
-Bluff Knoll


Being extremely excited that our road trip was finally happening our first pit stop was the Valley of the Giants. Walking 40 meters above the forest canopy, some of the tallest and oldest trees resides here being 400 years old.

Valley of the Giants

Next up was heading to William Bay National Park, where Green Pool and Elephant Rocks are famous for. Definitely my favourite place in Denmark, it’s so beautiful!

Elephant Rocks

Wrapping up the first day we decided to stay overnight in Denmark staying in an Airbnb along Ocean Road. The next day was heading to Bluff Knoll and while driving we discover these fields of yellow flowers. Being curious people we decided to stop and explore the happy yellow flowers. Later on the day, I found out they were canola fields.

Canola fields

Bluff Knoll was a fun but challenging hike with views to die for. At times I’m surprised how we have some amazing views but I guess I’ve been living in the city for too long. Meeting a lot of friendly older people along the way make us more motivated to reach the summit more quickly, but let’s say we did a lot of stops to take some awesome photos!

Bluff Knoll

Finally, we reached the top! Hallelujah!

Bluff Knoll

In total it took us 5 hours to hike to the summit and back. However we did take a lot of photo breaks and it rained on the way down… this may make me paranoid that I would slip and fall, so I took my bloody arse time! Sorry Humaira! (insert big smiling face).

Bluff Knoll

Wrapping our road trip up, we headed to Albany to check out the Gap & Natural Bridge and have dinner before heading back to Perth.

Natural Bridge, Albany

Overall road trips are one of my favourite adventures where you get to chill out, have girly chats, gossips, talk about life or have a deep and meaningful conversation. Road trips are also a great way for self-reflection and hit pause on reality where you can re-energise and be free again.

Till next time, -M

Green Pool, Denmark

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