5 Ways to Find Your Balance

Hello Beautiful People!

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”
– Albert Einstein

Finally, it’s spring in Perth and winter has become a memory of the past. Sorry for my absence as I have been swamp under uni assignments and work! I finally handed in my last assignment which was my research proposal and now I have a little break before exams.

Raeburn Orchards

Back to reality and I’m trying to find my balance in my hectic schedule. Everyone has those hectic days or weeks and it can contribute to the likelihood of a mental breakdown. From living abroad and coming back to Australia one key thing I learned is to “adapt”. Learn how to adapt to your new environment or situation and find ways that work best for you. I’m not saying it is easy to change your mindset quickly and “adapt” but being in a positive mindset does a whole world of differences. From studying in Copenhagen and working in India and coming back from traveling Europe the second time. I have struggled to try to find my balance and trying to settle back into Perth again. It might have been reverse culture shock or the reality I have to drive 45 minutes to uni instead of a 10 minute bike ride or not finding a good bakery that stocks rye bread or olive baguettes…?

West Coast Highway

Fast forward a few months and I’ve experience one of the most intense semester of my double degree, currently in my fifth year and only have 4 more units/courses to go. SO close but so far! In addition, I’ve joined a gym again, got a new job, learning French, completing an online journalism course and attempting to blog…! BUT how did I survive Here are my top 5 tips to find your balance.

1. Me time
One word, self-love. At times we are so busy in our life but we forget to look after ourselves. Always remember to schedule some “me-time” so you don’t burn out physically, mentally or emotionally. In reality, sometimes it is hard to do with the lack of time and being continuously reminded of deadlines or getting through a zillion tasks. Set a small amount of time out of the week and it can be as small as treating yourself to a cake from your favourite cafe or watching your favourite tv show or just having a bubble bath. For me watching a sunset makes my day a lot better! Remember to treat yourself one in a while.

Pandora VIP Rose event

2. Exercise
We all know how beneficial exercise is but you don’t have to join a gym or run half a marathon. Just make sure you get your body moving every day and get that blood pumping! However, a yoga class does do wonders!

Bluff Knoll

3. Organisation
How to decrease your stress levels? Being organise! For me, it’s having a physical diary where I write everything in. It is easier for me to schedule my week in advance and leads to less procrastination as I know what is happening, aka plan in advance for my assignments.

4. Get social
Who says you can’t have a social life? It can be as small as having brunch with the girls or grabbing a coffee with a friend or having a Skype session with your friends abroad. Being socially active is an important aspect of your mental health so please look after it.

Brunch at Flora and Fauna

Remember to breathe and it’s not the end of the world, it can be worse! There is always a light at the end of the tunnel you just need to hang on.

Sunset in Floret, Perth Australia

Make sure you look after yourself and take care!

Till next time, -M

*NOTE all photos are taken by me unless stated otherwise.

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