2016 a Year of Personal Growth

Hello Beautiful People! 

“And now we welcome the new year. Full of things that have never been” -Rainer Maria Rilke


2016 came as a surprise and it was one of the years I went with the flow with no real planning and here is what I found out.

My summary of 2016:

-Finished my internship in India and became inspired by NGO work
-Developed a healthy obsession with chai masala
-Started learning French
-Went back to Europe to catch up with friends abroad (plus travelling to two new countries)
-Explored Morocco (Marrakech & Fes)
-Survived the Sahara desert!
-Met some wonderful and inspirational people from all walks of life
-Caught up with old friends
-Challenged myself to new situations and activities
-Making all nighters “fun” at uni
-Being more consciously aware of fast fashion ethics and environmental sustainability
-Reevaluating where I want to go in my degree and career
-Becoming a “tourist” in my home city (Perth)
-The occasional boy troubles
-New casual job
-Accepted an internship
-Appreciating the small things in life

Another year has past and it allowed me to challenge myself and see my own strengths and weakness and how to overcome them. I learnt more about myself through finding myself in what I really enjoy in life. Self-development was a highlight throughout the year where I keep finding myself engage in the interest I like. Travelling and living abroad in India has allowed me to grow and take a new perspective on life. 2016 has also taught me different life lessons along the way which I am fully thankful for. Thank you 2016 for teaching me another year of experiences and personal growth!


So HAPPY NEW YEAR BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE! May 2017 bring you guys new adventures, travels and meeting some awesome people! All the best for the year ahead! 

Till next time, M


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