Visual Diary: Train Ride Through Norway


“I see my path, but I don’t know where it leads. Not knowing where I’m going is what inspires me to travel it.” -Rosalia de Castro

When it comes down to natural scenery Norway is a strong contender in this category. During my trip to Norway in 2014, I took a train from Oslo to Bergen and witness some of the best picturesque landscape Norway has to offer. I only needed a window seat and my trusty iPhone 5 at the time to enjoy the view. However, I was quite surprised how well the photos turned out from taking them through a train window. The funny thing was I nearly forget my iPhone on the train, thank god I found it again when I was boarding the ferry! From memory there are a few ways from getting to Bergen from Oslo, the first one is a complete train ride and the second option is train and ferry. I took the second option with the ferry. The ferry goes through the beautiful fjords but unfortunately, it was stormy and I couldn’t see the fjords clearly through the storm. To wrap it up, my favourite part of travelling through Norway was definitely the train/ferry ride and seeing it’s untouched beauty.

Till next time, M



*Photos taken on iPhone 5

18 thoughts on “Visual Diary: Train Ride Through Norway

  1. Norway looks like a beautiful country! And looks like you were there during fall season? I love fall colors. You also managed to capture not one but two rainbows!! So lucky! Thanks for sharing

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