Don’t worry, be Hampi! 5 Things to do in Hampi, India

Hello Beautiful People!

“Don’t worry be Hampi!”


Hampi was my first weekend trip to India and it was incredible. Nestle in the ruins of the city of Vijayanagara which was the former capital of the Vijayanagara Empire. Hampi offers a mix of beautiful boulder scenery and the ruins are a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Getting to Hampi involves taking an overnight bus for 8 hours from Bangalore. It was my first time taking a sleeper bus in India and surprisingly it went quite well. The sleeper bus basically has a bed layout where you can sleep but make sure you book a bus with air-conditioning otherwise, it might be an unpleasant ride. Anyway, before you get put off by the bus ride to Hampi, here are 5 reasons why you should come!


#1. Historical ruins
When googling “Hampi” one of the first images that pop up would be these historical ancient temples. Hampi has a large collection of ancient temples including Vijaya Vithala Temple, Group of Monuments, Virupasjsha Temple and Elephant Stables. One of the best ways of getting around the temple is either riding a bike around or getting an auto-rickshaw for the day (it’s actual dirt cheap!). Just look at these temples, amazing Instagram shots, HELLO!


#2. Sunset views
If you are a lover of sunsets like me, you will really appreciate the Monkey Temple. Located on top of a hill (Anjanadri Hill) 575 steps to be precise, you would get a unique view of Hampi overlooking some world heritage sites. It’s definitely leg day but I assure you it’s worth it once you get to see some cheeky monkeys and the sunrise or sunset! Make sure you wear appropriate footwear or carry a touch just in case you are walking down in the dark.


#3. Learn to relax
Another thing Hampi is known for is to relax! The relax vibe of this place makes you want to chill out and meet the locals. There are plenty of cafes and restaurants where you can chill out and take your time. Listen to some live music or play Uno with the cafe’s owner or even smoke some beadie if you are up to it. One of the best moments in Hampi was chilling with the store owners of hours and drinking chai/coconut water and just talking about life.


#4. Shop for the yoga pants!
One of the perks with Hampi is being able to shop to you till you drop! Unlike other cities, Hampi offers a great selection of items for a low price. This includes anything from yoga pants to bongo drums. So enjoy shopping and make sure to bargain!


#5. Elephants, monkeys and the unique landscape!
If you love animals such as elephants and monkeys this is the place for you! Monkeys are basically scattered everywhere but you can catch Lakshmi the temple elephant bathing in the river between 7:30-8:30 in the morning. The unique landscape of Hampi consists of boulders, hills and rivers making it truly different from anywhere else.


Other information
Other information to keep in mind is that Hampi is divided by and river. You can only cross the river by a local boat and the last boat is around 6pm. Furthermore, one side of the river is alcohol-free where alcohol is not allowed. Take this in consideration for booking your accommodation. The accommodation I stayed at is called Shanti located on the other side of the river and slightly away from the center.


Always remember “Don’t worry, be Hampi!”

Till next time, -M



4 thoughts on “Don’t worry, be Hampi! 5 Things to do in Hampi, India

  1. Wow, I forget how much I miss India until I read about other people being there. We were mostly up north while we were there, but I would love to venture to the south next time we’re there. Great blog, I’m definitely going to give you a follow!

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