China Challenge

Hello Beautiful People!

“Let’s go on an adventure”

So far in 2017 I have mainly been focusing on my internship and working my casual job. I’m staying in my home city over the summer holiday and it is a nice change being able to go the beach most days. Over the past few years during the Australian summer, I would either be living or be travelling abroad in some exotic place. So naturally the itchy feet has occurred and thanks to my uni having a two week Easter break in April, I’ve booked a trip to China!

One of the reasons I love travelling is the challenge and being independent, that means no silly tours but maybe the occasional day or walking tour. My goal is being able to immerse myself in the culture as much as possible.

FullSizeRender 190

So my China challenge? I have a few goals that I would love to accomplish for this trip and I’m absolutely excited about the planning process to actually exploring China. So here is my China challenge:

#1. Plan everything!
Basically, my rule of thumb for travelling is no travel tours (for the whole duration). I like my independents too much and I like to feel accomplished by doing it on my own! Bonus it does same some $$$$. However, I do enjoy the occasional walking tour or day tour. Hence this means booking the hostels in advance, figuring out the best way to travel between each city and the general knowledge of what I need to know about China. One of the reasons why I’m booking my hostel and train in advance is due to limited time of travelling in China and I don’t want the stress of figuring things out when I get there.

Current plan…

#2. Cabin luggage only!
My aim is to pack as light and little as possible for my 17 day trip in China. I have two reasons for this.. first, it is easier to carry my luggage from city to city. No one wants to be dragging something heavy around, especially on overnight trains! Secondly, it just saves $$$ when flying.

Ospray 46
My sidekick 46L Osprey Porter

#3. Learn some Mandarin
Considering English is only spoken by a small percentage of the population. Learning the most basics of Mandarin would come in handy, enough said!

#4. Detox from social media?
Considering quite a few social media app is banned in China, this may be a great way to detox and actually, enjoy every moment of travelling. But I guess we shall see if this plan falls through…

FullSizeRender 191
Coorg, India

#5. Getting out of my comfort zone
Foreign country, new environment and different culture… what can honestly go wrong..?! Personally, I love the challenge that I faced while travelling, so bring it on!

Photo credits: Quentin Wong

Stay turn for my China adventure!

Till next time, -M

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