6 Gems of Brooklyn

Hello Beautiful People!

“Manhattan is like Beverly Hills. And the soul of New York has moved to Brooklyn, where everything new and exciting seems to be.” -Alec Baldwin

During my time in New York City, I was fortunate to stay at my friend’s apartment in Brooklyn. The bonus of not staying in downtown was being able to explore other areas of New York. I was surprised how great the vibe was in Brooklyn and there are so many perks to living in Brooklyn! From the views of NYC, the food, the vibe and surprisingly I didn’t see any rats in Brooklyn compared to the Upper West Side. I honestly wish I had more time in Brooklyn to explore other neighbours such as Williamsburg, Bushwick, Parkslope, Green Point, Coney Island and the list goes on. During my short visit, these are my 6 gems I found in Brooklyn!

#1 Brooklyn Roasting Company (DUMBO, Jay Street)
When exploring a new place a good coffee to kick start your day will be your best friend! Brooklyn Roasting Company does some of the best coffees and chai around and it is also the perfect environment for a catch up with a friend or just to sit around and do some work! The bonus of this place is getting a view over the water and seeing both the Manhatten and Brooklyn bridge!

Brooklyn Roasting Company1Brooklyn Roasting Company2

#2 Brooklyn Bridge Park (Brooklyn Height) 
Brooklyn Bridge Park is probably one of my favourite places in New York to get a photo of the city! The waterfront, the bridges and the skyline is the perfect place to get a picture of the city!

Brooklyn Bridge ParkBrooklyn Bridge Park2

#3 Dekalb Market Hall (Brooklyn Downton)
Food markets are one of my favourite things to visit and the irony is that this market hall was literally next door to my apartment! I found Dekalb Market Hall on Facebook a few months before heading to America but I never made the connection until I walked around the area… Definitely make your way down to Brooklyn for this as there are 40 food vendors to choose from!

DeKalb Market Hall Cafe d'avignon

#4 DUMBO   
Classic Dumbo has some of the best views of the Manhatten Bridge but it has a mix of art studios, bookshops, boutiques and bakeries. It is one of my favourite areas to walk around and find something new.

Fun fact, Dumbo is an acronym for “Down Under Manhatten Bridge Overpass”


#5 Reunion Cafe (Williamsburg) 
Located in Williamsburg this cute cafe has an awesome brunch menu and some lovely staff! I was meeting a friend who I haven’t seen for 6 years, ironically I walked in drench from the rain and went up to the wrong person… Thankfully the barista pointed me to the right direction where my friend was sitting! Funny thing was the barista lived in Perth! What a small world!

Reunion Cafe1Reunion Cafe2

#6 Junior’s Resturant and Cheesecake (Brooklyn Downton) 
Not exclusively to Brooklyn but apparently the cheesecake is to die for! Not going to lie but it’s pretty good. I stumbled across the place when I was trying to find a place to get dinner at midnight and thankfully Junior’s was open! I only learnt how great Junior’s was from my uber driver and how the Brooklyn was the original location. Located on 386 Flatbush Avenue Extention and the corner of Dekalb Avenue.

Screen Shot 2017-08-14 at 5.16.00 PMScreen Shot 2017-08-14 at 5.16.31 PM

Don’t take Brooklyn off your list, it’s a must when being in New York!

Till next time, -M

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