Visual Diary: Kaleidoscope Festival

Hello Beautiful People,

“In order for the light to shine so brightly, the darkness must be present.” -Francis Bacon

Perth people got a treat when the Kaleidoscope Festival came to Joondalup in November. I’m a sucker for pretty lights so I got quite excited to see this art installation. Enjoy the visual diary of the Kaleidoscope Festival.

kaleidoscope festival 2017-1kaleidoscope festival 2017-2kaleidoscope festival 2017-3kaleidoscope festival 2017-4kaleidoscope festival 2017-5kaleidoscope festival 2017-6kaleidoscope festival 2017-7kaleidoscope festival 2017-8kaleidoscope festival 2017-9kaleidoscope festival 2017-10FullSizeRender kaleidoscope festival 2017kaleidoscope festival 2017-12kaleidoscope festival 2017-13kaleidoscope festival 2017-14kaleidoscope festival 2017-15kaleidoscope festival 2017-16kaleidoscope festival 2017-17kaleidoscope festival 2017-18

Till next time, -M

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