My 8 Favourite Christmas Cities

Hello Beautiful People,

“Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful.” -Norman Vincent Peale

The magical time of the year is quickly approaching and I’m honestly surprised how fast it came around this year! To wrap the festive season here are my favourite cities where I have been during the Christmas season!

Lapland, Finland
Santa’s hometown and one of the most magical places I ever been to. This magical winter wonderland sums up the Christmas spirit from husky to reindeer rides, driving a snowmobile, catching the northern light and staying in a cozy cabin.

Copenhagen, Denmark
Copenhagen may not be a big city but when the Danish invented hygge, obviously Christmas is going to be magical. From Christmas markets scattered around the city and Tivoli putting on some of the best Christmas lights and decorations. It’s not hard to fall in love in Copenhagen and get lost in the lights.

Paris, France
On a normal day Paris is beautiful but when Christmas comes around it becomes a bit extra. From Christmas markets around the city, Notre Dame holding mass, Galeries Lafayette and ice-skating rings. This city knows how to bring the Christmas spirit.

My 8 Favourite Christmas Cities-2

London, England
Be dazzled with the Christmas lights in London and make sure to walk down Oxford Street! Every part of this city has some sort of Christmas festivities going on from ice-skating, Christmas shows, Christmas lights and traditional markets.

My 8 Favourite Christmas Cities-3

Kerala, India
I never thought I ended up spending Christmas in India but Kerala didn’t disappoint. Kerala is not technically known for Christmas but the surreal scenery of the backwaters made it extra special.

My 8 Favourite Christmas Cities-4

Budapest, Hungary 
Christmas is not the same without mulled wine, chimney cakes and goulash from one of the Christmas markets in Budapest. It might be cold but Budapest is an underrated foodie city during Christmas.

My 8 Favourite Christmas Cities-5

Black Forest, Germany
Think of walking through a thick patch of snow and getting lost in the forest! Then hanging out in one of the traditional restaurants and eating the famous black forest cake with extra alcohol and sipping on a hot chocolate or something with baileys.

My 8 Favourite Christmas Cities-6

Perth, Australia
Christmas in Perth has always been hot! Growing up I have been used to celebrating Chrismas in the summer. The perks of having Christmas in the summer is enjoying the outdoors and spending Christmas by the beach.

My 8 Favourite Christmas Cities-7

I wish you all have a very Mery Christmas and I hope you enjoy the festive season!

Till next time, -M

My 8 Favourite Christmas Cities-8

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