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Hello beautiful people and welcome to Marisa’s Adventures!

“This day is a journey, this very moment an adventure”-Rebecca Pavlenko

A curious girl from Perth, Australia who is delighted to share her adventures from around the world. From travel guidesvisual diary and reflection I hope to inspire you to create your own adventures or stories and hope to broaden your horizons to understand the world. Graduated from studying a bachelor (double degree) in psychology & human resource management and industrial relations, plus a master in counselling. With my studies it allowed me to live and study abroad in Copenhagen for 13 months and pursue an internship in India for 14 weeks, and I guess this is how my story started…

The reason I travel is my fascination and curiosity to understand the world and the types of cultures and societies we are surrounded by. I have a deep passion for immersing myself in a new culture and observing how social norms are different from place to place or why people are known for their “stereotypes”. The insight of travelling shows me a different perspective of life and with each adventure, it teaches me a valuable lesson. Travelling allows me to learn valuable experiences and it keeps pushing me out of my comfort zone to learn and discover how truly unique and beautiful this world can be. Biggest thank you to all the people who I met along the way and opening my mind to new experiences. Cheers for your friendship and sharing your perspective from culture, to trivia knowledge and to current events.

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Give me a hola and I would love to hear from you, collaborate or work with you! I also offer personalised travel itinerary so just give me a shout out!

Till next time, -M 

Hampi, India

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